My Classmate's Mother

My Classmate's Mother

Jun is a lovesick student at Seikyo School. One of his classmate's, Sae, has the hots for him. But Jun has a taste for the forbidden, ripened fruit of Sae's mother Keiko, who also happens to be their teacher. Little does he know that he's about to sample the best of both worlds. Whether he's satisfying Sae's sexual curiosity or satisfying his own with the experienced Keiko, Jun always gets an A for effort!

Alternative Name: Classmate no Okaa-san

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Category: 18 Restricted, Erotic Game, Female Student, Female Teacher, Love Polygon, Nudity, Romance, Sex, visual novel

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Date Added: Oct 05, 2014

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Status: Completed

Rank: 41

Total views: 31068

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