Cougar Trap

Cougar Trap

Youko is happy. She lives a peaceful life with her husband, Masahiko, and their son, Kazushi. But there is one thing she complains... They haven't had sex for a long time. One day, a friend of Kazushi comes to her house. His name is Ryouto. He is handsome and polite. But she doesn't know yet that Ryouto has a secret personality...

Alternative Name: Musuko no Tomodachi ni Okasarete

Writer: -

Director: -

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Tagges as: 18 Restricted, Erotic Game, housewives, incest, large breasts, Nudity, Sex

Date Added: May 14, 2015

Release on: -

Status: Completed

Rank: 21

Total views: 40235

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